SENISE Training in Dyslexia Awareness (STIDA)

* The SENISE TRAINING IN DYSLEXIA AWARENESS (STIDA) has been designed to fulfil the need for quality in house training in best practice for the teaching and learning of dyslexic pupils in international private schools, where the principle language of instruction is English. However, the course content can be delivered in either English or Spanish.

Aims of STIDA

The course aims to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify children and young people with dyslexia; improve their strategies for teaching dyslexic pupils and supporting them on their learning journey, but with a difference: the course has been designed with teachers of EAL and bilingual learners in mainstream education in mind.

In addition, the course follows the guide lines for good practice set out by the British Dyslexic Association and founded on educational research into the teaching and learning of EAL/Bilingual children and young people in international settings, and the Special Educational Needs and Disability code of Practice 2015 Department of Education United Kingdom.

Course Content

The course comprises of three levels of progression towards becoming a Dyslexic Friendly School. On successful completion of each level, schools will be awarded a SENISE Training in Dyslexia Awareness (STIDA) Quality Mark:

Dyslexic Friendly School

Dyslexic Friendly School of Excellence

Outstanding Dyslexic Friendly School

STIDA is composed of ten face to face sessions at each level of progression. The course comprises of theory and practical activities covering the basics of Dyslexic awareness, teaching strategies, through to creating a dyslexic friendly classroom and, ultimately a dyslexic friendly school.

Practitioners will be encouraged and supported by SENISE to create a portfolio of evidence, which demonstrates their reflection and work on two of the strategies for the teaching and learning of Dyslexic pupils which they have learnt from the course.

Course delivery

The course can be delivered over one or two terms or an academic year depending on the requirements of each school; it is suitable for both secondary and primary teachers and is delivered by a qualified specialist in dyslexia support for children up to sixteen years old.

What does each level of STIDA include?

  • ** SENISE Quality Mark as a Dyslexic Friendly school awarded to your centre on successful completion of each progressive level of the course.
  • Ten one hour in house training sessions.
  • Materials for all activities.
  • Certificate of attendance for each member of staff completing the course.
  • Opportunity to combine STIDA with the SENISE Inclusion Project (SIP).

How will my school benefit from STIDA?

  • Improving the learning outcomes for your dyslexic students.
  • Raise standards of the teaching and learning for dyslexic learners.
  • Supplying quality professional development to the teaching team.
  • Increase the fidelity of all stakeholders.
  • Develop your school’s visibility as a Dyslexic Friendly school within the educational and wider community.
  • Enhance your school’s inclusive environment in line with statutory requirements.
  • Improving the wellbeing and preparation of dyslexic pupils for external examinations.

* Any accreditation awarded to schools by SENISE is not definitive. School’s will need to be reassessed after three/two years to ensure the SENISE standards of quality have been maintained and re-accreditation will be considered on the conclusion of the independent auditor’s report.

** An external and independent consultancy will carry out any audits necessary on behalf of SENISE to ensure the quality standards of our projects are maintained. The auditing service will be invoiced separately by the consultancy and not by SENISE.

Quality Mark for your school: Three levels of progression as a Dyslexic Friendly School

Follows the guide lines for good practice set out by the British Dyslexic Association

Quality professional development in the teaching and learning for dyslexic pupils for all the team

Course delivered in your center, in English or Spanish

Schools can obtain a subsidy for this course through FUNDAE